• زبان :مشخص نشده ! کیفیت :Bluray
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :800MB
  • مدت زمان :1ساعت 35دقیقه محصول :مشخص نشده !
  • کارگردان :Alex Smith , Andrew J. Smith نویسنده :David Quammen , Alex Smith , Harbinger Pictures , Burba Hayes , Co-Op Entertainment
  • امتیاز IMDB :5.8 رده سنی :PG-13
  • ستارگان :Matt Bomer , Josh Wiggins , Bill Pullman
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David (Josh Wiggins), an urban teenager, journeys to rural Montana to hunt big game with his estranged, "off the grid" father, Cal (Matt Bomer). As they ascend deep into the wilderness, father and son struggle to connect on any level, until a brutal encounter leaves them both with serious injuries, forcing them into a struggle to survive. Based on the American short story "Walking Out."