poster Blood Circus 2017
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  • امتیاز IMDB :6.4 رده سنی :+16
  • ستارگان :Jamie Nocher , Tom Sizemore , Robert LaSardo
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داستان فیلم در مورد یک قهرمان سابق مسابقات رزمی است که در یک باشگاه زیرزمینی به‌ نام سیرک خون گرفتار می‌شود و باید برای نجات جان خود و خانواده‌اش تلاش کند و…
Sean "THE KILLIN'" Dillon was on top of the world. Having become a decorated MMA champion, young Father and husband to a beautiful wife, the now retired fighter has hit the bottom. Having squandered his savings, suffered the loss of family through divorce, and perhaps worst of all, his self-respect. Although Sherry still loves Sean, she still believes that she and their son Mikey, are better off without him. Working at her Father's bar, she makes due. It's a hard, and difficult life, but at least she's happy. Sean is still around, a frequent patron, but not much exists between them now. One night at the bar, Sean starts a brawl, causing damage to the bar and hospitalizing the other patrons. Jake, a local detective and a close friend, arrives on the scene and threatens to arrest Sean unless he promises to turn his life around. A witness to the brawl, Deke, a recruiter for the Blood Circus, (a mysterious and brutal fight club), approaches Sean with an offer; to join the club in which ... Written by IvanWong